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"Specialized in customized lightings for luxury hotels, private villa, etc." 

                  - Craig, CEO Lukas Lighting



"Luen Fat Lighting, Renowned for its exceptional quality”

          - Milan Benes, Vic. Pres. Preciosa



“Existed because They do other factories can't or won't”

- Paul Kochhar, President Pecaso 


Iluminacao Luen Fat ( Lighting )

Iluminação Luen Fat < Luen Fat Lighting >, Also named Swaro Art Lightings, offers sophisticated lightings, superb craftsmanship, and competitive pricing for hospitality clients worldwide.


What we do

We collaborate with the oversea architects and interior designers to produce great custom fixtures for public space areas, and functional lighting for guestrooms. Our lighting fixtures feature Swarovski crystal, multicolored hand-blown glass, traditional porcelain, rich rock crystal, poly-resin, wood, and stainless steel in different finishes.


Who we are

Our hospitality clients include luxury hotels, sophisticated restaurants, casinos, boutique retailers and public facilities. Iluminação Luenfat Lighting is committed to providing outstanding customer service – including drawing collaboration, manufacturing modifications, accessible pricing, timely delivery.


Why we exist  

A hospitality lighting manufacturers, equipped with brand new machinery for metal fabrication, welding, polishing, molding, assembly, sub-contract factory of painting, plating and other finishing, Our engineering and manufacturing departments provide detailed craftsmanship and custom fabrication that meets customers’ budget and installation schedule 



What is mission

We insist on the inherent values: an emphasis on manufacturing quality, engineering innovation, and customer shorten manufacturing time, and to provide superior service and a better competitive advantage to our clients.


For any inquiry or question,

Please email us:


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